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Article Title Publication Date
The Coronavirus: What Employers Need to Know Employment Notes February 2020
New York’s Illegality Doctrine and Its Implications for Cannabis Contracts New York Law Journal February 10, 2020
New York Payroll Card Regulations Upheld by Appellate Court Employment Notes February 2020
Video: NY Bans Reproductive Health Decision Discrimination HRMinute January 2020
Boomers, Beware: Predatory Marriage and New York’s Elective Share Law New York Law Journal January 22, 2020
The Unique Problems of Litigating in the Cannabis Industry | NYLitigator - NYSBA Other Publications January 2020
The Ethical Issues Lawyers Face When They Wind Down a Practice Plus an Update on Cannabis Law Ethics Attorney Professionalism Forum January/February 2020
Changes for Retirement Plans and IRAs: The SECURE Act of 2019 Other Publications January 2020
IRS Addresses Clawback Concerns Under TCJA in Estate Planning Other Publications January 2020
NY Bans Reproductive Health Decision Discrimination and Imposes Obligations on Employers Employment Notes January 2020
Five Key Employment Law Issues Facing NY Employers in 2020 New York Law Journal December 20, 2019
Video: New York's SHIELD Act Imposes Cybersecurity Requirements on Businesses CyberTalk November 2019
Video: How to Handle Consensual Relationships in the Workplace HRMinute November 2019
The Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 Gives Financially Distressed Small Businesses a New Lifeline Other Publications November 2019
Owners Should Take Caution in Waiving Consequential Damages New York Law Journal November 13, 2019
Video: #MeToo Movement Continues to Impact Employers in New York HRMinute November 2019
New York Law as the Gold Standard Choice for Global Business Contracts Other Publications November 2019
New York’s SHIELD Act Expands Notification Laws and Imposes Strict Cybersecurity Requirements on Businesses Employment Notes November 2019
Accepting Bitcoin as Payment for Legal Fees Attorney Professionalism Forum November 2019
NY Real Estate Investors Venturing Outside of New York Due to New Rent Regulation Face Unfamiliar Practices Note From The Real Estate Group October 2019

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296 results found. Viewing page 1 of 15

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